ThopTV APK Download Latest v50.7.9 For Android [2023 Update]

How to download ThopTV APK 2023: If you want to download Thop TV APK and you are searching for Thop TV download, Thop Live TV, ThopTV Live Cricket etc. then we will tell you here how to download Thop Live Cricket TV.

Thop TV App is such a live TV app where you can watch movies, series, TV serials etc. Thop TV app is a very popular app in today’s time. The special thing about this app is that people can watch IPL live matches on it for free. In other words, this is an IPL viewing app.

There are many people who search Thop TV App on Google Play Store but this app is not available on Play Store because it’s an illegal app and does not follow google’s guidelines. In such a situation, if you want to download Thop TV App, then here we will tell you how to download ThopTV APK?

App NameThopTV
DeveloperThopTV Team
Current Versionv50.7.9
Last UpdatedNovember 01, 2022
Requires Android5.0 and up
APK Size44.62 MB
Download5 Million
Platform (OS)Android

What is ThopTV APK?

Thop TV is a free Live TV app available for Android. Through this app, you can watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, English, Hindi, and the latest movies for free. Apart from this, you can watch web series and all live TV channels.

Thop TV is popular because on it you can watch sports like cricket, football, hockey, etc for free. You can also watch start sports channels, IPL, T20 cricket matches, etc. on this app. The special thing about Thop TV app is that for this you do not even need a login and subscription.

For your information, let us tell you that this app is not available on Google Play Store because it has been banned on Google Play Store.

How to download Thoptv APK v50.7.9 2023?

We have already told you that Thop TV is a popular live TV app where you can watch cricket matches, movies, TV serials, etc. for free. This app is only available for Android. You can download this app from its official site.

If you want to download Thop TV app to watch cricket matches for free, then you have to follow the process given to download Thop TV App.

  • Go to Google and search ThopTV APK Download. you will see many search results.
  • Now download Thop TV App from any of these websites.

However, let me tell you that ThopTV APK is an illegal application and it is not safe to download.

How to Install Thop TV APK?

Installing the Thop TV app is very easy, just follow the given steps.

  • After Thop TV is downloaded, click on APK File.
  • After that click on the Install button. If the installation is not processing then you have to do the setting.
  • To install Thop TV, enable Unknown Source Install by going to Settings.

After this Thop TV app will be installed on your mobile. Now you can watch IPL live matches on Thop TV for free. Let us know how to watch Thop TV IPL live?

ThopTV Features

The purpose of using ThopTV so much is we get such features that are needed by all the people due to which people prefer to use ThopTV.

  • The first feature of ThopTV is that ThopTV is very easy to use.
  • If you love to watch live cricket, then you can watch live cricket using ThopTV app.
  • People who watch movies online can use ThopTV app because with the help of ThopTV app online movies can be watched.
  • The video song can be easily viewed through ThopTV.
  • You can download any app from ThopTV.
  • If you want to watch Live TV, you can download ThopTV app and watch Live TV.
  • With the help of ThopTV Apk, we can stream any type of content in Full HD.

How to watch Thop TV Cricket Live?

You can watch cricket matches after Thop TV is installed. If you do not have any information about how to watch cricket matches on Thop TV, then follow the given process.

Open the Thop TV app. After this click on the option of Live TV. Here you will see all the sports channels where you can watch cricket live. Now click on the channel on which you want to watch the cricket match and enjoy watching the cricket match.

ThopTV Alternative

If you are having trouble using ThopTV, then you can use ThopTV’s alternative on your mobile or computer because we get all the features that we use in Thop TV’s app in ThopTV APK’s alternative.

In this post, we are telling you about some similar thoptv apps that you can use as an alternative to ThopTV.

  • Pikashow APK
  • Videobuddy APK
  • GHD Sports APK
  • Hotstar APK
  • Allmovieland APK
  • Picasso APK
  • Pikachu App


Is ThopTv available in India?

Yes, ThopTv is available in India and you can use ThopTv.

How do I open a ThopTV?

We have explained the complete method of using ThopTV in this post and if you want to know then you can read this post.

How to update ThopTV?

To update ThopTV, you can visit the official website of Thop TV after which you will get the option to update ThopTV app.

Why ThopTv Not Working?

If ThopTv app is not working on your mobile, then the first reason would be that you might be using an old version of ThopTv Apk and you must first download the latest version of ThopTv app, after which ThopTv will start working.

How to create an account on ThopTV?

You do not need to create an account to use ThopTV.

Is it legal to use ThopTV?

ThopTV is an app that provides pirated content and you would know that the app that provides pirated content is not legal, so ThopTV app is also an illegal app.

What is Thop TV pro?

Thop TV Pro is also a part of Thop TV app, but you get a lot of advanced features in Thop TV Pro, which you will enjoy using.

Is ThopTV blocked in India?

Yes, ThopTV is banned in India but you can use VPN to watch ThopTv in India.


We are not the owner of ThopTV APK and we have written this post only for the purpose of giving you information.

Friends, read this post only for the purpose of getting information because we do not provide the facility to download any type of Illegal app.

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